The Obligatory Vegan Post

I haven’t been vegan long. I actually have no idea how long. There have been the obvious slips and falls but I can’t pinpoint a time where I definitively said I was vegan. When asked I’ve said I am for a while, but time is such a transient thing. I can tell you how long I’ve been vegetarian. I had my last piece of eel sushi on December 11, 2006. It was my birthday and I decided that would be the end. Other meat has been gone for maybe 3 years or so. 

It is all thanks for my best friend Jen. She’s been vegetarian since high school and I went to visit over spring break one year. For the sake of not being a burden I decided to be vegetarian for a week. And it just sort of stuck. I was used to eating whatever my mom made me and I found that I liked to cook. All my dietary transitions have been slow. I still made allowances for my mom’s meatballs at Thanksgiving and sushi on birthdays. But that is all done now. I actually look forward to making vegan versions of my favorite comfort foods. 

The beginning of my veganism was full of veggie stir fry, soup, and hummus platters with lots of crudite. While still delicious I know I’ve come a long way from that. Tofu is no longer to be feared In fact I love that stuff. And just last night I made my very first tofu scramble. Nick made me my first one a few days ago and last night I made it myself. Its been dubbed Bavarian Tofu Scramble and will go into rotation every week now.

1 tbsp. oil

1/2 c. chopped cabbage

1 tsp. each granulated garlic and onion

1/2 lb. firm tofu

1 tbsp. Penzey’s Bavarian Seasoning (crushed brown mustard, rosemary, garlic, thyme, bay leaves, and sage)

1 tsp. kosher salt and a few turns of the pepper mill 

3 tbsp. nutritional yeast or however noochy you like it.

1/4 c. chopped parsley

Heat oil over medium high and add cabbage. When cabbage starts to become tender (3-5 minutes) add onion and garlic. Crumble tofu into pan and add Bavarian, salt, and pepper. Once its all stirred in add the nooch and keep cooking. Don’t stir constantly, you want those really good crunchy bits. Add parsley near the end of cooking. It needed using up so here it is. 


Speaking of classics, I had a bunch of apples that were not suitable for eating out of hand. That plus a box of prune plums that I got for $.69 makes apple-plum butter. There are also a few strawberries thrown in for good measure.

5 apples, cored

12 small plums, pitted

2/3 c. frozen strawberries

Sugar to taste (I used approximately 1 c. sugar)

1/2 tbsp. ground ginger

1/2 tsp. nutmeg

1/2 tsp. cinnamon

Toss the apples in the food processor until you have a chunky applesauce, same with the plums and strawberries. Dump it all in a crockpot along with the spices and some sugar, you can always add more sugar. I let mine go overnight on low with the cover on. In the morning I cracked the lid and let the liquid cook out. This made one and a half jars.


And just today I had my first bite of a tofurkey and veganaise sandwich. Good god that stuff is good.