Thinking of the Holidays

I know, its only October. And I am a staunch lover of Thanksgiving, the forgotten holiday in our materialistic consumer driven society. 

But when you’re jumping off the store bought gift train you have to start thinking ahead. So at work today I started listing ideas for things to make and distribute to those I adore. There are the usual scarves, embellished do-dads, and cookies. But I want more. MORE!

Thats where I realize just how much I adore my job. When I can buy vanilla beans for around $1 a piece, I smile. And now I have two bottle of booze transforming into vanilla extract. Spiced rum with vanilla and cinnamon and a bottle of Jim Beam full of Madagascar and Mexican vanilla beans. The rum may get some more spices later on, but I’m still contemplating that one. After a few weeks I may start a few more with different alcohols. A nice clean madagascar vodka extract would be nice. But I’m keeping some of the bourbon vanilla for myself. 

Flavored vinegars and oils may also be on the shortlist for Christmas. Plus some dry mixes for scones, muffins, etc. if I can figure out how to make them vegan.

And another idea for Christmas is caramel corn. This is a tester for Abbie at Hooray Vegan and damn is it good. And super easy.