Mofo #???

I didn’t cook anything today. We had cereal for breakfast, Indian buffet for lunch, and reheated Nick’s soup for dinner. While nice, I have been fidgety all evening and all I want to do it bake something. Sometimes you just have to have peanut butter cookies.

So tomorrow after class I believe I will be baking. Either the big gigantoid crunchy peanut butter oatmeal cookies from Vegan With a Vengeance —or— pumpkin bars. I have some winter squash that would be lovely slathered in cream cheese frosting. Just about anything will be lovely with cream cheese frosting. I don’t care about hydrogenated fat when its in the form of frosting. Until I can make an acceptable cream cheese substitute for said confection I will continue to support tofutti.

I’m trying to finish the rough draft of an essay that I need to workshop tomorrow. An essay I didn’t know I would be workshopping tomorrow until a few hours ago. So now I’m trying to conjure ambition or enthusiasm but all I want are cookies. In an attempt to write I’ve been sporadically typing and fantasizing about Norwegian treats (I’m writing about my mom’s kitchen). I want lefse, krumkake, and kringla so bad! If I had a ricer I’d make the lefse. If I had a successful egg substitute I’d make krumkake. Since I can make kringla maybe all my plans for tomorrow will get scrapped and I’ll make that.

But for now I’m going to try not to look up recipes and instead focus on writing. And maybe grabbing a cookie.


Photo Insecurities

I hate taking pictures of my food when others are around. This is a problem now that I cook dinner for several people. I still photograph cookies and such, because I can do that when everyone leaves. But dinner is another issue.

What am I worried about? Will they laugh at me like the chubby kick trying to play kickball at recess? Or would it be more like the teenage contempt that you can see in the eyes of the “popular” kids. You can imagine the sneer can’t you? We all can. Is this what I’m worried of, I don’t know. My dinner companions wouldn’t do either of these. If they did I would take their food away and throw it out back for the raccoons. They are very appreciative.

Instead I let myself get caught up in this make believe bullying. So you get pictures like this:

Ethiopian Spiced Veg CurryThis was one of my most successful curries ever. But I didn’t want to take a picture of it finished and on the plate. Last night I made a feast for my love and I because he had such a shitty day. I went all out in order to have another set of pancakes on Pancake Day! These were in the form of the crepes from Vegan With A Vengeance, that formed the base of mock Ethiopian curries (one veggie, one dal, and one chickpea). Its always fun to eat with your hands folks. But alas, no photos. For this, I am sorry. And I will try to come to grips with this through Food Porn Anonymous.

Obama for the Win!!!

Victory tastes sweet. This is the first election where my vote got my candidate the win. Its nice to actually celebrate on election night. Which we did with rummy root beer floats. And a new drink called a lumberjack, which I will not be having again. It consisted of gin, SoCo, apple brandy, and maple syrup. Its like a shot of pancakes. There were also VWaV raspberry chocolate chip blondies made with homemade raspberry jam. 

Raspberry Chocolate Chip Blondies

Raspberry Jam

Plus my sweetheart and I made lasagna with the soyrizo and teese I got on my care package. There were also olives, baby bella mushrooms, and red peppers in there.