Workplace Fun

I have to admit I really like my job. I talk to people all day about food and cooking. The biggest thing that the ‘warehouse’ tells us is to talk to people. Not as in, “this is our new product, buy it” but “haven’t tried that spice yet, what do you use it for?” We always joke that we learn more from our customers than they learn from us. Its frowned upon if we try to b.s. an answer. If we don’t know an answer we are supposed to say straight up I don’t know. Or I have no clue, let me go look.


Its great that we have something in common with everyone who comes in the store. We like to eat. Otherwise why would anyone buy spices? But when it comes down to what we eat, it gets a little uncomfortable sometimes. The biggest question I get is always about whats good on <insert dead animal carcass here>. Every once in a while I get a really obnoxious customer and I want to go off on a vegan tangent about human and animal rights…but I don’t. I’ll tell them what my mom likes or that I don’t eat meat but other people have liked this or that.


I wish I could bring in vegan cookies and just set them on the counter for people to sample. But I think there is probably some health code thing going on there. I bring in treats for my co-workers and they all rave about it. One of the reasons my boss hired me was because of my love for food and that I am vegan and like to experiment. We’re having our work bonfire here in a few weeks so I have to go all out and bring something amazing to win over my carnivorous co-worker Ted.


But now I’m off to work. The standing all day isn’t much fun, but the employee free box makes it all worth it. And having fun at work.